Columbus, Ohio, USA

Multimedia Centers for Education Week

A few weeks ago, I got an assignment to photograph the YouMedia center at the Columbus Metropolitan Library downtown for Education Week. It's a really cool center where teens can come in and literally play with the toys at the center, including top-of-the-line animation and music editing software, cameras, recording equipment, really anything that has to do with media creation. 

For some of these kids, they'll never be able to learn how to use a $2,000 piece of professional recording software other than in college, so I thought it was a really cool way to introduce and let kids explore things which they might not otherwise. 

Ed Week also allowed me to post to their Instagram page, which was pretty intimidating. I know a lot of big-time editors and photographers follow their account, so I didn't want to post anything that would make me look like a hack with an iPhone. Turns out they used some of the Instagram images online with the story and in print also. 

Thanks for looking. Here's some Instagrams:

and a few from my "real" camera.

Hit to the head

It looks worse than it is. From a high school game a couple weeks back.

Blue Rock Station for Ohio Magazine

Back in July, I shot an assignment for Ohio Magazine for their September issue at Blue Rock Station, a sustainable farm just south of Zanesville. Annie Warmke and her husband, Jay, were very welcoming and it was a blast hanging out with them for a few hours. Their home is a model for sustainability, powered by solar electricity and made out of reusable materials. 

While I was there, an intern, Mandy, who is living there part-time with her son, was helping Annie finish up a new office building for Jay. Like all the farm's other structures, it's made out of recyclable materials such as plastic and glass bottles, and cob, a mixture of clay, sand, straw, and water.

Here's a loose edit from my morning there.