Columbus, Ohio, USA

The Hartford Fair

It's the biggest little fair in the world, and if you're there when the light is nice, it certainly is fun. Here's a few frames I made from the one night I was there.


A couple weeks ago our paper started reporting for a project on heroin use in central Ohio. It's become an issue lately as heroin has flooded the state, especially in rural areas and now the suburbs. Truthfully, it's been here for a while but it's becoming commonplace and easy to find, and is a cheap alternative to opioid pills that the state has cracked down on through various laws. One piece of the story is the recovery process, and I was lucky enough to meet Brittany a few weeks ago. She's been in recovery for about four months, has a little girl named Kalysta and has been kind enough to let me hang around for a few hours when I can. 

I've only done a real "story" during the Missouri Photo Workshop a couple years ago. Looking back, it was much easier to devote every waking minute for four days to a story than it is trying to piece it together between assignments, house work and life in general. I know I won't get all of what I want for our project when it runs in a few weeks, but hopefully I'll be able to keep going after it's published. 

Anyway, last week Brittany let me ride along with her, her mom and her daughter when she went in for her weekly counseling session at a rehabilitation center in Columbus. I made this frame when we were driving back afterwards. 

Kari and Jack

Our friend Kari recently had a baby boy, Jack, and she asked if I would come over and take some newborn pictures for her and her husband. We spent a couple hours Saturday making some pictures, but occasionally had to take a break to calm him down so we could mold his body next to a basketball or stick a Brutus the Buckeye hat on his head. I managed to make a few documentary frames between wardrobe changes.