Columbus, Ohio, USA

The Best of Spring 2016

Here are some of my favorites from this last spring. It's a busy three months around here when it starts and I'm glad to have a little break to start working on a small project, and maybe to take a nap. Thanks for looking.

A Shot, and a Title

Whenever I cover the OHSAA state basketball championships, it seems to turn into a great game. Back in 2013, I saw a local high school win their first state championship, and this year I saw the same thing. It was probably one of the best basketball games I've seen in person, and I've seen a lot of great basketball (I did go to Kansas, guys.) 

It all came down to a shot with 1.8 seconds left, and then they were champions.

The Kippenbergs for The Wall Street Journal

It's always a privilege when someone you don't know invites you into their home to make pictures, even if for a few hours. This past Saturday, I met the Kippenbergs of Batavia, Ohio, while on assignment for the Journal . Parents Steve and Fawn are both recovering heroin addicts who worked hard to get their four children back after their addiction forced the state to remove the children from the home. Ohio, like many states, is fighting a heroin epidemic that's straining state child-welfare agencies. They got their kids back in March and have been sober for 16 months. 

Here's a few selects: