Columbus, Ohio, USA

Kari and Jack

Our friend Kari recently had a baby boy, Jack, and she asked if I would come over and take some newborn pictures for her and her husband. We spent a couple hours Saturday making some pictures, but occasionally had to take a break to calm him down so we could mold his body next to a basketball or stick a Brutus the Buckeye hat on his head. I managed to make a few documentary frames between wardrobe changes. 

The start of summer

Things have started to calm down a little bit at work. The last few weeks of the school year get a little nuts with graduations, playoff games and the rest of the daily stuff. I'll enjoy this little break while I can - our photo department is starting a project soon and summer will be over before we know it. Here's some daily work from the last few weeks.

Practice makes perfect

Just a quiet moment while waiting backstage during a spring concert last weekend.