Columbus, Ohio, USA

The last month (or so)

I've been really bad about blogging some recent work, mostly because Jackie and I have been bust tearing down wallpaper, ripping apart a ceiling, hanging curtains, and thinking about all the other renovations we want to complete in our new-ish home. But, I found some free time, so here's some recent stuff. It's been an exciting time to make pictures; playoff season started (and finished), found a potential story to work on, and even picked up a couple freelance gigs in between.

I was really grateful to spend some time with Susan Smith and her granddaughter, Amiyah Ratliff, at their home in Whitehall, Ohio. Smith recently asked Whitehall mayor Kim Maggard to sentance Amiyah's mom, her daughter, Stefanie, to 90 days of jail time so that she could begin detox for heroin use. During her time in Frankin County jail, Smith has been caring for Amiyah.

Google Glass. Cool, weird and a little overwhelming all at the same time.

Back-to-back district champs.

An adaptive CrossFit team. I know how hard it can be to do this with two legs, so watching this athlete was really inspiring.

State ice hockey. Thanks Eamon, for letting me test drive one of your 1DXs.

Wall Street Journal gig.

This winter has been unbelievably brutal, and some landlords are totally negligent in making sure their properties have working heat. At the beginning of March, a young boy died in this same complex after his oven crushed and burned him. The family was using the oven to heat the apartment. This woman and her husband are forced to cover their windows in thick plastic and the baseboard heaters in their unit don't function.

The wild life

I've always been an outdoors person, and endlessly fascinated with wildlife, land use, habitat and a myriad of other things along with backpacking and camping, which I wish I was able to do more often. So, to be up close and personal with animals I'd only ever seen in books or television while in South Africa was an experience I always wanted, even if I had forgotten about it as I've gotten older. 

A South African sense of place

No matter what I shoot, I always end up making pictures that fall into the "scene-setter" or "sense of place" category. I can't really explain why, I just see 'em, and I like shooting 'em.

And as far as scenes go, South Africa has plenty of beautiful ones. Here's a few I liked.

Kruger National Park. It rained a lot while we were there.

Cape Town, as seen from the Table Mountain trail.

Langa Township.

View from the train to Simon's Town.

Kruger at dawn.

The Atlantic Ocean, seen from the top of Table Mountain. Visibility was zero for a good hour while we were there. Then suddenly, the clouds broke for about 15 minutes before new clouds rolled over the mountain.